Types of Wood

Hardwood – Oak

Oak is a very popular choice for furniture and flooring, windows and doors, gates and fencing. Oak is strong and durable and can be stained, polished, waxed or varnished.

Hardwood – Idigbo

Idigbo is a good choice for both internal and external projects and holds up well to wear and tear. Idigbo has a straight grain, giving it a lovely clean finish.

Hardwood – Sapele

Sapele is commonly used for furniture, flooring and musical instruments. Sapele is moderately durable and tends to darken with age.

Hardwood – Cherry

Cherry is a smooth grained, reddish wood that is used for furnishings and floors amongst other things. Cherry wood ages from light colour to the rich colour most people recognise.

Hardwood – Beech

Beech is a pale coloured wood with a pinkish hue and is used in furniture, floors and cabinetry. Beech is a very popular choice.

Steam Beech
Hardwood – Steam Beech

Steam Beech is a darker colour than Beech, the steaming brings out the veining and texture of the wood. Steam Beech is used in cabinet making, furniture and flooring.

Softwood – Hemlock

Hemlock is an excellent choice for handrails as it is very strong and dense. Hemlock ages well and hardens with age.

Softwood – Pine

Pine is a popular wood that is used for storage boxes, wine racks or counters. Pine can be finished in many different ways and is often painted.

Softwood – Cedar

Cedar has a highly pigmented grain and a distinctive smell. Cedar has many uses from decking to beehives.

Softwood – Spruce

Spruce is a pale coloured wood that is often used in cabinetry and paper making. Spruce can be treated with oils, stains and varnish.

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We are happy to advise you about suitable woods for the project you have in mind.

A few examples of various projects using different types of woods:

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